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Our Company

Our Mission

The purpose of Buruj Al-Adala Law Company is to provide legal services to projects, individuals, and legal entities within Iraq or abroad. The firm handles various legal matters and represents companies and institutions in all types of lawsuits. It also engages in drafting legal contracts across all fields of the company’s activities.

The company’s scope of services includes handling all types of legal cases, such as civil, criminal, administrative, and religious cases, as well as managing all legal transactions related to the registration of national and foreign companies and other lawsuits.

The firm also extends its assistance to citizens by providing necessary legal advice in cases brought before the company.

Furthermore, Buruj Al-Adala Law Company offers financial consultations from a legal perspective, particularly concerning matters related to reviewing Social Security departments and the General Tax Authority, and all its branches in the provinces. The firm provides financial accounting and tax accountability services for national and foreign companies and conducts reviews related to relevant departments.

The company actively participates in the field of legal training and development, offering research and studies in the legal domain to enhance legal practices for the public interest. These researches are sent to legislative authorities, published, and training courses are conducted for lawyers and legal personnel. Buruj Al-Adala Law Company collaborates with professors and private companies to deliver courses within and outside the country in the fields of law, arbitration, and legal qualifications for foreign, Arab, and Iraqi personnel working within and outside Iraq.

Additionally, the firm acts as a commercial intermediary between contracting companies under the framework of Iraqi law, providing legal advice to the aforementioned companies.

What Sets Us Apart

Experienced Team: We have a team of skilled and competent lawyers with deep knowledge in various legal fields. We guarantee accurate and comprehensive legal consultations, ensuring the best outcomes for our clients.

Diverse Services: We offer a wide range of legal services covering various areas, including commercial law, criminal law, real estate law, intellectual property rights, and more. Regardless of the case’s size or complexity, we are prepared to provide our clients with the comprehensive legal support they need.

Custom Training Programs: We believe in the importance of continuous education and development in the legal field. Hence, we provide customized training programs for lawyers and legal specialists who seek to enhance their skills and update their legal knowledge. These programs include workshops, training courses, and specialized educational resources.

Technology and Innovation: We utilize technology and innovation in delivering our legal services and training programs. We strive to employ the latest legal technologies and tools to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and precision in our work.

Commitment to Professional Ethics: We adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics and legal conduct. We ensure complete confidentiality of our clients’ information and operate with integrity in all aspects of our work.

About the Founder

Mr. Ehab Ayad Muhsen Al-Awad is the founder of Buruj Al-Adala Law. He is a distinguished legal professional with extensive experience spanning over 16 years in the field of law. Since the beginning of his career in 2007, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional and visionary expertise, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the legal domain.

Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Ehab has successfully handled numerous complex cases in various legal areas, including commercial law, criminal law, and real estate law. His profound knowledge and comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies have earned him a reputation for providing precise and effective legal solutions to clients.

Behind Buruj Al-Adala, Mr. Ehab aims to offer exceptional legal services and training programs that surpass clients’ expectations, aspiring to make Buruj Al-Adala a trusted and respected name in the legal field.

Mr. Ehab Al-Awad invites clients to experience the unparalleled expertise and professionalism of Buruj Al-Adala Law Company and looks forward to assisting them in meeting their legal requirements.


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